The  Unseen


Jason Rosado


Winston Peterson


Deutsch Pu'u


Nick Morales

Whispers from the past...

The Unseen Series is a new psychological horror, being created in a mixed media format with photography, film and a written story. This series will be divided into several different chapters, with each chapter being set in a different location and with a whole new cast.

Yet, this production is not only about just telling a horror story. "The Unseen Series" also serves as a way to showcase the problems that military veterans sometimes face when re-adjusting back to civilian life, especially after combat situations. Most of the cast and crew are actually veterans themselves, and a few have shared their personal experiences to become the backbone of the story.


Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Chapter 3


Chapter 4


Chapter 5


Chapter 6

Las Vegas

Chapter 7

Los Angeles

Chapter 8


Chapter 9

Winston Peterson - as Gabriel Awa

Anthony Hemo - as Francisco Cruz

Frank Trigg - as Ruben Garcia

Tunoa Ta'aga - as Tupu Tauanu'u

Kari Arakaki - as Rin Yukimura

Joseph Solis - as Robert "Rocky" Mendoza

Manuel Baez - as Henry Simmons

Deutsch Pu'u - as Sione Tautoa

James Parker - as Christopher Daniels

Jeda Rodrigues - as Christian Lopez

Jason Rosado - Creator

Winston Peterson - Technical Military Consultant

Chris Nutter - Technical HPD Consultant

We would like to give a huge thanks to Hawaii Camera for supporting the production.

Hey folks. The entire cast and crew of The Unseen are all excited to be presenting this new project to everyone, and we hope you are excited as well.

Originally, the production started off purely as a horror production, but as we began working on the first draft, we realized the story itself was a good way to showcase the stories of military veterans. Two of the veterans on cast, Deutsch Pu'u and Winston Peterson, agreed to tell their experiences in the military, which helped shaped the direction of the production.

We decided the best, and most unique way, to launch this project would be to create an immersive telling of the story, using website technology and professional photographic visuals while tying the scenes together with written word.

Jeda Rodrigues, Anthony Hemo, Winston Peterson and Kari Arakaki were brought in as the first round of cast members. Later, we were also able to get the attention of Frank Trigg, who enthusiastically signed up as one of the cast members once he learned of the idea. As the story was finalized we saw the need for additional casting and also decided on James Parker, Tunoa Ta'aga, Joseph Solis, Manuel Baez, and Deutsch Pu'u as the final cast members.